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Hey there! We’re Jordon and Brianne Mills, the owners of Perfect Blend Inc. We are a husband and wife duo who brought their superpowers together to serve the community!

Proverbs 22:29

Perfect Blend Support

Welcome to our support page! Here you can find tutorial videos on how to navigate your WordPress website, edit content, and more! You can also request support from us in the “website support” section.

Frequently Asked Support Questions

Thank you for being a Perfect Blend Client. It was great working with you, we hope to work with you again soon.

Absolutely! Once we’ve delivered your website to you and granted you administrative access, you’ll be able to control every aspect of your website independently, making changes when and how you see fit.

Yes, we can! We remain available to support you with making any changes/updates to your website. Purchase one of our service token offers on this page, and let us eliminate every hassle that may otherwise exist in managing a thriving website online.

No matter what may be malfunctioning, there’s more than likely a simple solution hidden in plain sight. We’ve got our expert WordPress technicians on standby just waiting for you to purchase a service token and tell us where to look. In no time at all, you’ll be up and running.

WordPress Tutorials

Quick Notes

If you’re hosting your website with us and would like to access your hosting account, use the following link –

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Website Support Tokens

Our service/support tokens cover EVERYTHING that you may need help with in the back end of your website except design/redesign

Quick Service Token

// $50
Ideal for troubleshooting issues and small changes (3 updates per token). We'll simplify the entire process without any complications.

Detailed Service Token

// $100
Ideal for outsourcing a list of website updates (15 updates per token). We'll simplify the entire process without any complications.

Monthly Service Token

// $250
Purchase this token to receive on-demand website support (30 days per token). We'll take care of your every web related request!

Additional Website Upgrades

Hover over any of these additional upgrades below to learn more information about them

Additional Web Page

Keep the consistent presence of excellence, even as you continue to expand your website by allowing us to create your new pages.


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Multilingual Content

Get high-quality language translations for your website pages, posts, and menus to reach and attract a much wider audience.


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Website Accessibility

By leveraging machine learning to audit, test, and remediate web accessibility, we are revolutionizing how websites are made accessible.


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We Can


Let Us 
Your Site

Let us maintain your site

Eliminate the guesswork, the headaches, and the wasted time trying to manage your website on your own, let us do the work for you!

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Additional Web Pages

$250 per page


This service is only available to Perfect Blend clients who have purchased any of our website packages. As a very simple way to expand your website within it’s current package details, we’re offering Additional Page(s) at an extremely affordable price!

✔ New layout/structure/design elements (when requested)

✔ Add anywhere in the menu option(s) of your website

✔ Match the look and feel of the rest of your website

✔ Shorter turn around time for additional pages

✔ Revisions as required to meet your desired outcome

Multilingual Content

$300 per language

Save yourself the hassle and allow us to translate your website into multiple languages for you. After the language has been added to your website, we can easily keep your website translations up to date.

Should you desire, you can review the translations before they are officially published. We have streamlined this process to make it as simple and convenient as possible.

  • Any and all languages available
  • Very fast turnaround time
  • Every area of your website is included