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Hey there! We’re Jordon and Brianne Mills, the owners of Perfect Blend Inc. We are a husband and wife duo who brought their superpowers together to serve the community!

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Web Enhancement

Quality upgrades worth their weight in gold. Every service in this section is packed with a unique load of value to create the very best web experience for you and your customers.

Web Enhancement

Quality upgrades worth their weight in gold. Every service in this section is packed with a unique load of value to create the very best web experience for you and your customers.

Legal Compliance

Stay up to date with the latest data privacy and accessibility compliance laws & regulations.

A Better Experience

Increase the return on your investment with stronger marketing campaigns and a premium digital footprint.


with the purchase of any Perfect Blend web design package

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Unleashing Your Brand’s Full Potential with Perfect Blend’s “Blitz SEO” Service

At Perfect Blend, we understand that navigating the complexities of SEO can be daunting, especially when you don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve crafted a comprehensive SEO solution where we handle everything for you, ensuring that the most critical SEO issues on your site are identified and fixed, so you can focus on your core business activities.

Your Customized SEO To-Do List

The biggest challenge in SEO? Most people don’t know where to begin. With Perfect Blend, you don’t have to worry about that. We take care of pinpointing the most important issues affecting your site’s performance and provide clear, actionable steps to address them on your behalf. This means you get to see the significant results without lifting a finger.

Content Optimization Excellence

We believe in the power of content to amplify your brand’s message and engage your audience. Our services include fully managing the optimization of your meta descriptions, page titles, headings, and internal linking structures. Our detailed reports highlight any content-related issues across all your pages, while our AI-powered tools generate compelling page titles and meta descriptions for you. This ensures your content is not only optimized for search engines but also resonates with your target audience—all done seamlessly by our expert team.

Insightful Keyword Analysis

Gaining insights into your keyword performance shouldn’t be a time-consuming process for you. Perfect Blend transforms your Google Search Console data into meaningful insights, quickly identifying low-hanging fruit and competing pages, and monitoring the rankings of your critical keywords on your behalf. Forget about constantly checking Search Console; we provide you with a detailed report that includes the most crucial keyword insights, so you stay informed and understand the decisions we’re making before we make them, without any hassle.

Comprehensive Technical Audits

Ensuring your website’s technical health is paramount to SEO success. Perfect Blend conducts thorough technical audits covering every detail relevant to SEO, including indexation, sitemaps, canonical URLs, structured data, page speed, hreflangs, robots.txt files, and more. Does all this sound too complicated? Don’t worry. We handle everything for you, breaking down each element step by step and ensuring your website is always in top shape.

Choosing Perfect Blend means partnering with a team dedicated to visual excellence, strategic branding, and comprehensive support. We help Quality Seekers like you avoid the pitfalls of subpar service providers, delivering premium solutions that amplify your brand’s power and drive your success in the marketplace. Let us handle the complexities of SEO, so you can focus on what you do best—growing your brand and making a lasting impact.

Google Search Console & Google Analytics allow you to look at your audience data across devices and platforms to better understand the full journey of your users. Integrating their software/technology into your website and optimizing that integration will give you detailed analytics to help you improve your brand ROI overtime. When setup correctly, search engine algorithms will better understand your website content and be better equipped to serve it to the appropriate audience(s).

Google Business Profile allows you maximum visibility and engagement within your local area in a relatively short period of time. Most Google SEO takes months of focused labour to see results, but with our little known profile enhancement steps we can ensure that your profile experiences increased visibility, engagement and reputation. The deliverable is a complete and visually appealing Google profile (maximum 2 weeks before results are in full effect)

  • Crafted to represent your brand in the most professional manner
  • Location boosting geo-tags within your area for amplified results
  • Optimize for your driving location(s) (if applicable)

We believe in a more transparent world when it comes to data-privacy. We believe that privacy should not just be a regulation, but recognized as a fundamental human right.

Our data-privacy software is an all-in-one cookie banner and consent management solution;

  • Automatically categorize the cookies on your website
  • Customize the privacy banner to fit your brand colours 100%
  • Auto-generate a fully optimized cookie AND privacy policy
  • Prove your compliance to regulations with centralized consent details
  • Avoid hefty legal fees and government fines from lack of compliance

Nobody enjoys a slow website.

We’ll not only enhance your WordPress website with permanent, super fast load times, but we’ll also achieve the best possible score on Google Page Speed insight for the added SEO benefits.

✔ Full site optimization
✔ Will NOT break the layout/functionality of your website
✔ Add Caching, Gzip, Fix Render blocking scripts and styles (technical enhancements for more efficient data transfer)
✔ Optimize HTML, JS and CSS
✔ Optimize Database
✔ Core web vitals
✔ Fix issues slowing your web pages.
✔ Optimize images + Auto optimize on new upload
✔ Fastest possible load times on every device
✔ Fastest CDN for websites that host with us (content distribution network)
✔ Google PageSpeed insight score of 90+ for desktop and 80+ for mobile devices

Over 90,000 hack attempts are made on WordPress site every minute of the day! It only takes 1 successful break to destroy all your Site Data, Content Curation, SEO efforts, as well as your Brand and Domain Reputation.

We’ll not only enhance your WordPress website with permanent and effective file and database security, but we’ll also configure your WordPress application with invaluable security benefits that can be turned on or off at your request;

✔ Comprehensive Prevention & Cure Based Security Protocols
Hide Your WordPress Login, Dashboard and Backend URL’s From Onlookers
✔ Become Invisible to the Main WordPress Vulnerabilities
✔ Real-Time Web Application
Firewall & Antivirus Protection
✔ Multi-Layered Protection Against
Brute Force & More Crafty Cyber Attacks
✔ Robust Protection Against Malicious Known & Unknown Malware
Two-Factor Authentication For Administrative Login Access
✔ Real-Time Sharing of Threat Intelligence with 1,000,000+ other WordPress Users
✔ Ban Known & Unknown Malicious IP Addresses and Suspicious User Accounts
✔ Comprehensive File & Database Backups for Simple Restoration Support
✔ Monitor all changes made within your website according to the user profile
✔ Automated and up to date security logs with easy to understand reports 
✔ and so much more!

Social Media Pixels allow you to track the behaviours of your website visitors while they are viewing your site, and automatically add these viewers into segmented audiences that you can use to (re)taraget with advertisments on the different social media platforms. 

  • Includes all the social media platforms your organization will need to integrate with
  • Includes the addition of specific code to individual pages and/or events wherever they may be needed
  • Includes help to configure your pre-planned conversion triggers (if applicable)
  • Includes testing to confirm that all data points are setup and firing/reading correctly

The automated way to collect and display client testimonials on your website! If you do great work, this should be your next purchase.

Nothing says you’re worth your weight in gold like a happy customer explaining the great experience they had with you. Our best in class Client Testimonial System offers you everything you need to collect UGC (user generated content) from your clients, and do it in style!

✔ Video testimonials boost your credibility, your conversions, and they greatly increase the likelihood that you’ll attract new business.

✔ Our proprietary software allows you to receive and host all of your testimonials (video and written) directly on your website.

✔ With absolute ease and convenience, you can also choose to share your video testimonials directly to any one of your social media channels.

✔ Choose to embed a grid style wall of love, slider widget, single review widget, and even a google rich rivew widget on your website featuring specific (or all of your) client testimonials, and watch all of your video testimonials come to life when you hover over their automatically generated animated thumbnails!

Learn more about the details of our proprietary software by clicking here.

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