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Hey there! We’re Jordon and Brianne Mills, the owners of Perfect Blend Inc. We are a husband and wife duo who brought their superpowers together to serve the community!

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UPDATED: 14/07/2023

Website Maintenance
Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Perfect Blend Marketing & Design Inc (“we, us, our”) are committed to providing a reliable, predictable website experience for our customers for a flat monthly fee through a website maintenance package, which covers:

Support tickets – ticket submission allows for fast and skilled responses in a guaranteed timeframe, creating a warranty for covered problems you encounter with your website;

CMS Updates – We will run regular checks and update the CMS with any minor updates completed.

Bug Fixes – We will fix any reported bugs within the agreed SLA. (Bug is something outside of the standard warranty period with Perfect Blend).

404 Errors – We will review all pages and files that are flagged as having a 404 error.

CMS Plugin Updates – We will ensure plugins are always up to date and fix any bugs as a result of the update.

Hosting and platform updates – redundant hosting environment with 24/7 monitoring, daily backups, ongoing feature development, cutting edge update process, and security updates ensure website stability;

Reporting – a monthly website performance report, accessed online;

What’s included vs what costs extra – certain services, such as redesign / redevelopment services, post-launch domain or DNS issues, custom or third-party integrations, and new feature development are not included in our monthly web maintenance package and are quoted separately. See below for details.

Please note: The terms of this SLA are in addition to and should be read together with our standard terms and conditions, which can be found here ->

Requesting Support

We offer guaranteed response times during business hours: 10am – 5pm, Mon-Fri (not including Bank Holidays).

If you’re paying for a monthly service token with us, then whenever you have an issue you can submit a support ticket directly through the following method:

  • via email at
  • via our pre-installed support software available to your website administrator upon logging into your website

Response and Resolution Times

We aim to offer a response and resolution time depending on the priority weighting our team assigns to your ticket when it’s first received. All incoming tickets will be handled by a member of Perfect Blend’s Project Management team.  Our team will communicate regularly including timeframes and progress in resolution.   We take this seriously: 99% of all tickets are responded to and resolved within the following defined timeframes (“SLA Timeframes”):

Priority set toResponse and initial actions taken withinResolution within
Low2 days2 weeks
Medium4 hours1 day
High1 hourASAP

Perfect Blend will provide updates on a high priority tickets at least once an hour. All other updates will be provided in a timely manner.

Examples of priorities

Low: Text/ Imagery misalignment
Medium: Contact form not working
High: Website not loading

Please note: We cannot guarantee to respond to and resolve support requests within the SLA Timeframes if they are not received via one of the above methods. Resolution times will only be met if the fix is possible within the time window and we will keep you informed throughout the process.


Perfect Blend works directly with a managed hosting provider, SiteGround, to host our customers’ websites. SiteGround is committed to providing fast, reliable and secure hosting solutions, and their data centres are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 accredited and PCI DSS compliant. They guarantee 99.99% uptime, 24/7/365 support, 1-hour hardware replacement, and 100% server infrastructure availability.

Please note: We take no responsibility for any of our customers’ websites that are hosted with another provider and contracted through the customer directly. Please visit the “Website Hosting” section of our Terms of Service page for a more in-depth look at the parameters of our Hosting service.

Continuous Improvement

As we develop new websites, we often refine functionality or develop new ways of solving problems. We make each solution we develop available to our other clients that have a similar need. Centralising development gives us the ability to spend more time and money on a problem than any one client might be able to afford to spend, and we develop better and more refined features that can be provided on one-off CMS installations. We spend more time fixing an annoying bug on your website, as it potentially affects many other customers’ sites.

Security Patches and Minor Content Management System (“CMS”) Updates

Low priority CMS patches will be applied on a monthly basis, all vulnerabilities prioritised as high importance will be applied with a High-level priority.
Server updates are carried out at the first convenient weekend upon release.


A live website analytics dashboard is included in the SLA, which will help your team to better understand how your site is performing. This report will be provided online for ongoing access by your team.

Reports can be configured to include any website data currently available through Google Analytics that will be of value to your business. Additional data from other sources can be included for a fee.

What’s Included and What Costs Extra

The table below sets out examples of the services that are included in the SLA and also the services that may be performed at an additional charge. The below are examples only and we will let you know if the service you have requested is not covered by the SLA and what our costs will be for completing your request.

CategoryExamples of what’s included in SLAExamples of things that may cost extra
Minor CMS updates
  • Security updates for the CMS and contributed modules
  • Incremental minor CMS version updates
  • CMS plugin updates
  • Bugs associated with the CMS setup or configuration
  • Major CMS updates – for example, upgrades to Drupal 8 or MODX 3, or WordPress 6.2
  • Migration of your site to another CMS
  • Underlying middleware updates required for the new CMS version
Bug fixes and technical / developer support
  • Bug fixes for known / discovered bugs
  • Rolling back (part of) your site to a prior version if something has gone wrong (even if it was your fault)
  • New features Perfect Blend chooses to add to the platform
  • Pre-launch DNS and domain assistance – for example, setting up additional domains to point to your site, or helping to configure DNS settings to take your site live
  • Review of server log files to identify any internal server issues
  • Review of pages / files reported as 404 errors
  • Page / file redirects not captured as part of the site launch process
  • Restoration of site after malicious activity
  • Restoring a webform submission from two weeks ago that was accidentally deleted
  • New feature development not chosen by Perfect Blend
  • Post-launch DNS and domain assistance
  • Server configuration for email sending
  • Code updates required to meet new language versions. For example, code changes required to move from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.2.
  • Participation in an external security audit
Content / platform use support and training
  • Support tickets with specific questions related to the use of the CMS platform
  • Helpful guides for key features of the CMS
  • CMS training for large groups of 5 or more people
  • Training at your location
  • Additional training sessions
  • Full CMS user documentation
Third-party systems
  • Adding a snippet of code to your website header
  • Assistance using the HTML embed feature
  • Assistance with existing CRM or Marketing Automation System integrations
  • Assistance with Google Webmaster tools
  • Assistance with Google DoubleClick for publishers
  • Assistance or setup of other systems not integrated with the CMS platform
Theme, display, or design related issues
  • Template guidance for existing templates
  • Assistance with landing page display using existing templates
  • Fixing display issues with existing templates or content modules
  • Responsiveness issues with existing templates or content modules
  • Issues relating to website accessibility
  • Theme or design revisions to content or landing pages, templates or the homepage
  • New templates or content modules not designed and built during the site build process
Website performance reporting and tracking
  • Monthly website performance report
  • Initial Google Analytics setup
  • Initial Google Tag Manager setup
  • Custom report configuration and/or review
  • Additional data sources
  • Additional in-depth Analytics training or setup
  • third party applications
Site reviews and content quality control
  • Site / page speed performance monitoring
  • SEO performance review
  • Content audit
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Significant site code changes resulting from site / page speed issues

Invoicing and Payment

We will invoice you monthly (unless agreed otherwise) in advance for providing the services under the SLA. The invoice will also include any additional costs for extra services we have performed upon your request.

Our invoice is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Without limiting any other right we may have, if you fail to make any payment due to us by the due date for payment (Due Date), we have the right to suspend/terminate your service.

You are not allowed to withhold or deduct any amounts from any payment due to us under the SLA, except as required by law.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for the content you publish on your website and agree to monitor the site to ensure its content is appropriate and does not pose a risk to either of us.

In order for us to perform the services under the SLA, you need to provide us with full, safe and uninterrupted access to your website as may reasonably be required. This may also include access to your premises.

When we request it, you need to give us your cooperation and assistance during our performance of the services and promptly provide us with any information we may require.

You may wish to perform penetration tests upon the hosting platform. If you wish to do this, you must notify us in writing and you must have written permission from us to undertake this testing. Any testing done without permission that results in negative performance on the hosting platform will be seen as malicious traffic and may be blocked.

Our Responsibilities

We will be responsible for maintaining your website infrastructure and will take reasonable measures to ensure that installed software is kept current relative to the operation system installed, that security patches are applied in a timely manner, and that any problems with the website infrastructure are quickly resolved.

We cannot however accept any responsibility in the event of a security breach of your website.


We shall under no circumstances be liable to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any loss of profit, loss of sales or business, loss of agreements or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, loss of or damages to goodwill, or any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with our obligations under the SLA.

Our total liability to you under the SLA shall in no circumstances exceed 100% of the price to be paid by the Customer under this SLA during the previous 6 months, or if you have enrolled for a shorter period, the total charges paid to us under the SLA.

Nothing in this SLA shall limit any liability which cannot legally be limited, including but not limited to liability for:

  • death or personal injury caused by negligence;
  • fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Termination and Reinstatement of SLA

Either of us may terminate this SLA at any time. No cancellation fee will apply if you cancel this SLA. In the event of us hosting your website if the SLA is terminated, we will only provide website hosting services while arrangements to transfer your site to a new hosting provider are made. Please note that your site will not receive security updates or be regularly backed up, and may not be recoverable if compromised.

SLA Changes

The terms of our SLA are subject to change and Perfect Blend will notify you of any changes within a timely manner. The up-to-date SLA is always available at

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