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Hey there! We’re Jordon and Brianne Mills, the owners of Perfect Blend Inc. We are a husband and wife duo who brought their superpowers together to serve the community!

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Site Speed Optimization


Google Pagespeed and GT Metrix score of 90+ for desktop and 80+ for mobile with the fastest possible load time.

Site Speed Optimization = Directly inside your WordPress application for permanent results.

Do you think your WordPress site speed is slow? Are you looking for a WordPress speed optimization service? We’ll not only enhance your WordPress website with super fast load times, but we’ll also achieve the best possible score on Google Page Speed insight.

We’ll optimize according to the latest Google page speed insight guidelines, without affecting your website layout/functionalities.

✔ Full site optimization

✔ Will NOT break the layout/functionality of your website

✔ Add Caching, Gzip, Fix Render blocking scripts and styles (technical enhancements for more efficient data transfer)

✔ Optimize HTML, JS and CSS

✔ Optimize Database

✔ Core web vitals

✔ Fix issues slowing your web pages.

✔ Optimize images + Auto optimize on new upload

✔ Fastest possible load times on every device

✔ Google PageSpeed insight score of 90+ for desktop and 80+ for mobile devices

✔ Fastest CDN (content distribution network)



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