Kingdom Marketing Academy

How to attract and serve the people that God has appointed to your purpose online.

How to attract and serve the people that
God has appointed to your purpose online.

Live Classes

With Q&A sessions and walkthroughs

Beginner Friendly

With expert insights and strategies

Masterful Results

For online ministries and businesses

An invaluable learning experience

The most proficient Kingdom infrastructure and marketing training in the world!

Discover the Absolute Necessity and the strategic advantages of a database

If your number one priority isn’t growing and nurturing your own database, your focus is misplaced and your long-term efforts will be in vain.

Together we'll explore:

Discover the Extraordinary Power of the attraction marketing process

We don’t believe in posting on social media every day, neither do we depend on support from our friends, family, or our client referrals.

Together we'll explore:

Four Brilliant Modules

Every lesson in this academy falls under one of four modules. Each module will be delivered through the lens of the spiritual Kingdom of God advancing in the earth and each one of His children prospering accordingly.

  • Spiritual Principles

    We'll be revisiting the Nile river in ancient Egypt, comparing it to the internet of today, and drawing some insightful conclusions. We'll also survey the spiritual resistance you'll encounter and how to overcome them.

  • The Supply Chain

    In this module, we'll be focused primarily on understanding the infrastructure that you must build if you intend to achieve automated and sustainable results in your ministry/business.

  • Retargeting Methods

    Once your infrastructure is in place, you must begin to monopolize the attention of your visitors and your supporters, first for the Kingdom of God, but also for your place of service within His Kingdom.

  • Outreach Methods

    The final piece to the puzzle is your outreach strategy. This piece must be considered thoroughly at the onset of your journey but should not come into play until you've set up your infrastructure and your retargeting pillars.

Pre-Recorded & Live Lesson Plans

The ideal mixture of live mastermind group discussions and over the shoulder, step-by-step walkthrough videos. We’re focused on providing the best of both worlds!

Global Classroom

By faith, our community of servant leaders within this academy will grow to include men and women from every part of the world.

Result Oriented

In all the content that we teach in this academy, the major focus will always be to help you understand and implement winning strategies.

Live Mentorship

One of the luxuries that our community members share is access to effective hand-holding, private masterminds, and real-time support.

Database Mastery

Master the single most important element to the success of EVERY online venture and the secrets that make for perpetual success.

Ever-Growing Library

Our content library is designed to be consumed at your leisure, either as a recipe book or as a light that illuminates your way forward.

Community Forum

Expand your network, communicate and connect with other people who are learning the mysteries of the Kingdom infrastructure online.

Expert Education

Glean from the treasured insights of the most studied and successful internet marketers who have ever shared their knowledge online.

Downloadable Materials

Save time and energy by downloading the very best of our content in a concise and beautifully packaged file format for your convenience.


Learn how to attract and serve the people that God has appointed to your online ministry/business. Our academy includes:

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Jordon & Brianne Mills, Husband & Wife, Children of God.

The global online community today demands excellence. Your target market will respond much better to excellence. The world stands at attention to witness true excellence and they’ll even wait patiently for their turn to support it. Together, we specialize in making sure YOU understand, communicate and deliver true excellence to your online community. Contrary to what you may have heard, nothing converts better than EXCELLENCE.

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